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Ergonode PIM Changelog

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16 November 2023

  • Missing batch action center progress
  • Duplicated products displayed in the Product Catalog in some specific cases
  • System speed optimization

13 November 2023

  • Tooltip in Segment select fields (Export CSV Segment, API Key Segment, Apps Collections (add product from segment))
  • Improved loading speed of the Segment grid (table)
  • Remove highlight from filters row in grids (tables)

09 November 2023

  • [Ergonode transfer] Add option to preserve original media names
  • Highlight table line on hover
  • File exported from the product catalog file could be empty in some cases
  • An issue with filtering and sorting after adding an attribute to the product catalog table
  • Folder search issue in Media Resources
  • In all interactive grids when the column is pinned changing values by dragging a cell vertically rows doesn’t work
  • Full-width templates

02 November 2023

  • Export to file from product catalog
  • Wrapping textarea text on medium and large grid row height
  • Displaying attribute code on hover in sidebars
  • Adding 10 rows instead of 1 in the template designer
  • Added missing validation error tooltip in the grid
  • Fixed grid issue with the same product being a part of different pages
  • Fixed active filter indicator so only active filters are taken into account

25 October 2023

  • New product importer with a mapper
  • Batch actions - status update
  • A new "Products" tab on the category edit page to manage products assigned to that category
  • Adding a search field in dropdowns
  • When uploading a file from the product card it will automatically be attached to that product (added to attribute)
  • Autofocus on search when clicking on select and multi-select inputs
  • A new link to Changelog in the navigation help menu
  • Grid is now limited to a maximum of 100 columns
  • A single Gallery, File, and Multiselect type attribute is now limited to a maximum of 100 elements (options) attached to it
  • While creating a new attribute we should display both, the currency symbol and its name
  • New reset password confirmation email template with a button to log into Ergonode
  • Popup (modal) windows are now bigger
  • In Resources media grid is now sorted by "Created at" by default
  • On the product card double-click on an image will now open in the original size
  • Form windows are now wider
  • Settings of non-editable grids (e.g. width of the column) are not saved while changing the page
  • Fix for the side menu not behaving correctly in some cases
  • Completeness set name badge moves to the left in read-only mode
  • Category tree designer unpin branches when moved
  • Issue when deleting a media wasn't possible when a path exceeded 128 chars
  • Fixed Ergonode Transfer error log for invalid SSL certificate on Multimedia URL

18 October 2023

  • Completeness sets on the product grid were counted incorrectly in some cases

07 September 2023


23 August 2023

  • Dropped templates multimedia support
  • Fixed the possibility of removing referenced resources from categories and segments
  • Fixed access denied on the Variants tab
  • GraphQL API fixed invalid cursor handling

03 August 2023

  • Apps mapper optimization
  • Completeness not working properly in section (missing value)
  • Cannot edit the template when the attribute is in the last row

27 July 2023

  • Added support for "ggpkg" files

25 July 2023

  • Ergonode transfer import handling redundant commas
  • Removing floating labels in inputs to increase readability
  • Product card title bar with default label and image
  • GraphQL API multimedia query
  • Improved GraphQL API performance for segment-based API Keys
  • Fixed invalid columns removal for Product grid with advanced filters
  • GraphQL API fixed order of product relation attribute value order
  • Resource media attribute modal window issue

11 July 2023

  • You can now remove the "Index / Lp" column from the grid
  • New batch action - mass media deletion from resources
  • Apps synchronization time is now reduced significantly
  • Ability to change the order in the Gallery attribute
  • Ability to change the order in the Product relation attribute
  • Ability to open image in full screen mode in Gallery attribute
  • Added option "file info" in gallery and image attribute context menu
  • The MP4 file format is now available to use in multimedia
  • In the product template, you can now add 10 rows instead of one
  • Batch actions now select the proper number of products when using simple filters
  • Sorting issue in Import / Export history

29 June 2023

  • Ergonode transfer change tabs order
  • Improved attribute grid performance
  • Missing select and multi select attributes options translations indicators on the product card and grid
  • End dates on Stopped Ergonode transfer imports
  • Fixed disappearing page content when using menu position for the page user is already on

14 June 2023

  • Possibility to create Segments from many templates name with has / does not have operator
  • Ability to save shared grid views in the product catalog
  • Ergonode transfer increased HTTP client timeout
  • Improved attribute grid performance
  • Categories are greyed out after removing from the category tree until the page refresh
  • On the product page, not all attributes are saved when there was a validation error
  • Tooltips on numeric types attributes show the wrong message when a value was decimal
  • Search for 0 in toolbars no longer returns all attributes
  • Apps duplicate in history

1 June 2023

  • Unified naming of CSV imports and exports - Ergonode transfer
  • Ergonode transfer Template and Sections name support
  • Date attribute dd/mm/yy format support
  • Add support for name for templates.csv and section_templates.csv files
    Current templates.csv do have _name field which has been deprecated representing the code. This should be replaced with an appropriate translatable name column(column _language should be added as well).
    templates_elements.csv _name should be removed in favor only of code
  • A list of smaller fixes

22 May 2023

  • Segments as system attributes
  • Saving columns width in grids
  • Helper URLs in-app menu
  • Supporting new multimedia formats
  • Clear values batch action allows all attributes rather than common template ones
  • Improved OpenAI requests to avoid story-like descriptions
  • Fixed user being logged out while working in multiple tabs
  • Improved performance of product grid
  • Fixed textarea HTML text support
  • Fixed not working product grid with read-only product access

10 May 2023

  • A bug that prevents the expansion of the category list when subcategories are present in the category tree

8 May 2023

  • Nested folders in media resources with an unlimited number of subfolders
  • Character counter for text fields
  • Limit on how many files can be uploaded by UI at once
  • Removed restrictions on the number of folders possible to create in media resources
  • Unification of code/system name labels across the UI
  • RTE - components are not loading on some occasions
  • When dragging a section from the sidebar it does not load its code
  • Method of reading advanced filters by batch actions
  • Unicode support in specific conditions didn’t work for CSV import
  • Error 500 when creating a new user with specific data in fields
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